Boxing has taken a back seat to every ones favorite action or violent sport and I′m not sad about it at all. Maybe I should be, considering the many great heroic acts I′ve seen in the ring€¦then again this dysfunctional sport lacks what the MMA now has in abundance; excitement and star power.

The average sports fan can name more MMA fighters than they can name heavyweights at this point.  A new noticeable trend is the amount of tough guys or guys who believe in their toughness who are now trying their hand in the octagon and not the ring.  These gladiators have become the new faces of toughness, skill and dedication€¦ deservingly so.

Think about it, these guys are insane but unlike the boxers of today, they welcome and fight all challengers.

So where does this leave boxing?  What will become of the sport of our fathers and grandfathers? The honest answer is simple, who knows.  One thing I do know is that something can be done to help out this dying sport.

Boxing will not return to the level it once was mainly because there are too many belts to be had and too few fighters willing to fight for them. But the excitement can return once again, even if only for one night.

This brings me to Floyd Mayweather and the man whom I believe to be the best fighter in the world, Manny Pacquiao€¦outside of the octagon of course; but will this fight ever happen?

I hope so for the sake of boxing and for the sake of Floyd′s pilling lawsuits.

I′ve always thought that Floyd was afraid of taking this fight, not necessarily because he fears the smaller Pacquiao.  Floyd instead fears losing that big -0 in his record, but if he were to retire without fighting the best fighter of his generation, what would that big fat zero really mean.  Well to me, it wouldn′t mean as much and his legacy would not be tarnished but simply diminished€¦fairly or unfairly, that would be the mindset of many boxing fans.

Pacquiao is scheduled to fight Juan Manuel Marquez in November, while Floyd is scheduled to fight Victor Ortiz in September.

Is this a tune up so to speak? Is pretty boy Floyd preparing himself to fight the long awaited fight against Manny?  It needs to happen because there is no one else to fight.  How many more fights will we have to endure with lesser and older opponents who are only there for another pay check.

As a boxing fan I′ve had enough, MMA has come calling and it may be time to put boxing aside and answer that call.

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