Toru Fujisawa does not let readers down in Volume 4 of GTO: 14 Days in Shonan. Previously, readers were left with a cliffhanger as Onizuka discovered Seiya′s plan to get revenge on his mother′s violent and lazy boyfriend who forced him to get a tattoo when he was just a kid. Volume 4 jumps straight into the frantic scene of Seiya dealing with yakuza gang members, and debating whether or not to accept Onizuka′s help to get him out of the situation at the expense of losing his revenge.

Even when Seiya seems to have solved the feelings he has for the man in his mother′s life, with the help of Onizuka, he cannot get away from him. A pair of sisters that Seiya grew up with and made a promise with to never let the parents that caused them such great pain forget what they had done, arrives on the scene. These two girls are not your typical teenagers.

Their foster father is a member of the yakuza and aids their violent tendencies by providing them with weapons, money, and people to do whatever they need. The two girls are best known for stabbing their father when he came to visit them after being away for years and now they are determined to make Seiya keep his promise.

There is something about Seiya that has changed. He may still have those strong feelings of revenge that drew him to create relationships with the wrong crowd, but he has also gained a network of adults that care deeply for him. They consider themselves his family and are not about to let him fall into the voids of his past. The two sisters say that this network of foster caretakers are nothing but paid babysitters, but Onizuka, as well as the rest of the staff, work to prove that money has nothing to do with the feelings they have for Seiya.

As they work to help Seiya from ruining his life, each character faces obstacles they never expected. Onizuka is even forced to face his greatest weakness; scantily clad women. This virgin teacher with street cred must find a way to get past two sexy, mostly naked women assassins in order to get to save Seiya. Readers will not be able to stop laughing when Onizuka struggles to keep the women at bay.

The action continues with even more drama than the last installment and the humor is placed at just the right moments. Even though this volume is heavy with lessons of revenge and defining an individual who cares about another, this volume is better than the last.