Teyon, a video games developer and digital publisher, announced on September 10, 2012, that the successful WiiWare series, Heavy Fire, is coming back with another installment on a new platform. Gun down enemies in Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D on Nintendo 3DS starting from this Thursday, September 13th. The game will be available via North American Nintendo eShop for just $4.99.

Gear up and join an elite Special Forces unit in Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D, an arcade-style on-rail shooter for Nintendo 3DS. Choose from three character profiles, each with unique attributes, and use a combination of brains and brawn (but mostly brawn) to blast your way through a variety of dangerous ground, vehicle and air-based stages. And if you′re really feeling trigger-happy, you can earn additional points by blowing up the environment. Each victory sees your military rank rise, earning you increasingly powerful and upgradeable weapons.

You′ll need preternatural reflexes and a never-say-die spirit to restore peace in the ever-volatile Middle East. When the smoke clears, will you be a Special Operations legend?


  • An interactive, destructible environment featuring exotic Middle Eastern locales
  • Slug your way through six diverse, challenging levels
  • Higher military ranks enable more powerful weaponry
  • A game store bursting with all kinds of cool power-ups

The official trailer of the game is available via Teyon′s YouTube channel:

For more information visit the game site:http://www.teyon.com/games/heavy-fire-special-operations-3d/