The general image of the Apple Store is to €œdo what you want so long as you don′t break or steal anything.€ To see just how far he could go, comedian Mark Malkoff pulled some interesting pranks on one Apple Store.

€œIt′s amazing what the Apple Store will allow,€ Malkoff said. €œThere are hundreds of videos online of customers singing and dancing in the middle of the store. Not only do they allow house pets, but I have heard of customers successfully bringing in snakes. I can’t imagine that being tolerated at any other store.”

His first plan was to see if he could get a pizza delivered to him while he was shopping on the second floor of a Manhattan Apple Store. He gained positive reactions from the staff, one of whom remarked that the stunt was awesome when the pie was delivered and was also shocked that the pizza place was willing to deliver to someone inside a large retail store.

Malkoff was later joined by his wife for a romantic in-store dinner, complete with waiter service and dancing under a mirror ball while a solo trumpeter played a song.

The stunts do not stop there. On another day, Malkoff was able to receive help for his broken iPhone dressed as Darth Vader. One employee even urged him to use the force.

Though, the latest stunt may be the best yet. To see just how far he could push his luck, Malkoff brought in a goat. While there were more strange looks than before, he still was not rejected from the store.

€œThe staff at the Apple stores could not have been any nicer.€ Mark said. €œThe fact they let me bring in a goat still makes me laugh.€

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