Bath, UK €“€“ Imminent Games releases worldwide the PC version of the casual indie video game Drip Drip. It is available at for $9.99. A playable PC demo of Drip Drip is also available for download. Review copies are available for the press.  A new trailer for the release of Drip Drip is available at:

Drip Drip is a casual game that has a classic 2D feel with RTS inspired point and click controls.

A severe storm has brought in devastating weather conditions to the cities of the USA and many buildings standing in the intense storm′s destructive path are in dire need of assistance. Water dripping everywhere threatens to flood the basements and cause excessive water damage that will collapse the buildings.

The player is an elite drip collector and manages the Disaster Response Team. With a team of tools and their water collecting and building fixing skills, the player will travel across the USA and visit 24 exciting cities on their mission to ensure the safety of each building. From inside small houses to towering skyscrapers, containers like pans, buckets, and barrels will have to be moved around the floors to catch the dripping water and then be emptied to save the buildings from extreme damage, flooding, and destruction. The water dumped out of windows will earn the player money so other containers and tools can be bought to keep the buildings standing while they withstand a constant barrage of pouring rain and never-ending threats like the UFO, Ghost, Witch Doctor, and Lightning Bolts during each storm cycle.

Drip Drip Features:

  • Real time water drop and puddle simulation. Real time weather effects.
  • Intelligent path finding.
  • Beautiful hand drawn art along with over 30 different particle effects.
  • 24 unique buildings – Travel from Mansions to Apartment Slums to Towering Skyscrapers, each with varying heights and increased difficulty.
  • 10 different containers and tools that can be leveled up to Super Power abilities.
  • 3 levels of difficulty €“ Easy for the casual beginner, Medium for the experienced gamer, and Hard for the hard core gamer.
  • 44 Achievements to unlock!
  • Easy to pick up and play controls along with great depth and challenge.
  • Being developed for the PC, Mac, and iOS: iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Drip Drip Release Trailer: