In the not-so-distant future, people stop aging when they reach the age of 25. Will Salas lives in the poorest region, or time zone, named Dayton. He rarely has more than 24 hours on his body clock, and must work every day at a factory to afford another day of life. For his mother, Rachel, it is the same story, as it is for all in hard-scrabble Dayton.

But far from desolate, Dayton is alive with color, sound, speed, music, urgency — and crime. Gangs called Minute Men are always on the lookout for ways to steal time, and ending a life in exchange for a few hours means nothing to them.

When Will protects the wealthy interloper Henry from a crew of Minute Men intent on timing him out, Henry makes a present to Will of a century of time. But as time is currency and painstakingly tracked as such, the movement of such a large sum within the confines of Dayton alerts the authorities, the Timekeepers.

Moreover, Will is falsely accused of murder, which triggers a veteran Timekeeper named Leon to begin a relentless pursuit of Will. Without an overriding plan, Will decides to spend his time in the richest zone, New Greenwich. In stark contrast to Dayton, nothing moves quickly here; time is a luxury all residents can afford, since most have hundreds, or even thousands of years to live.

But relative immortality comes at a price, and all are fearful of theft and injury €“ €œthe poor die and the rich don′t live,€ Will observes. It soon becomes apparent to Will that in order for a few to live, many must die, to keep the scales of rich and poor balanced. Maybe he can use his time to do some good?

But New Greenwich does have something that attracts Will €“ Sylvia Weis, daughter of the super-wealthy Philippe Weis. When the Timekeepers attempt to apprehend Will, he takes Sylvia hostage, and what starts as a flight from the law becomes a high stakes game to change the rules of this not-so-brave new world, with two lovers on the run at its center.

Three young, hot names are headlining this explosive ride which will hit theaters on October 28; Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde and Amanda Seyfried. Timberlake and Wilde play the part as mother and son while Seyfried is the hero′s love interest Sylvia Weis.


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