On October 19th international known rock star Jon Bon Jovi opened up his new donation only restaurant, Soul Kitchen. Teaming up with the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, the Soul Kitchen is located in Red Bank, New Jersey, Bon Jovi’s home state. The Soul Kitchen is a unique restaurant where people can enjoy healthy meals from locally grown products without dipping into their wallets to pay for it.

Bon Jovi understands the struggles of his fellow Americans during the current hard economical times. With the increased prices of food and millions losing their jobs, many people across the country are left hungry and without much hope. Bon Jovi′s mission in creating a pay what you want restaurant is to make sure people in his supportive community do not go hungry anymore.

“This is not a soup kitchen,” the rocker stated. “You can come here with the dignity of linens and silver, and you’re served a healthy, nutritious meal. This is not burgers and fries.” For the minimum donation of $10, people can enjoy the experience of dining out in a restaurant while eating a nutritious and delicious meal.

Every person dining in Soul Kitchen can enjoy a three course meal American meal. For the first course, diners can choose from either a soup or salad. For the main course, people are given the choice of having a meat, fish, or a vegetarian entree. A sweet dessert rounds out the three course meal.

The chefs at Soul Kitchen strive to create regional dishes using only the freshest ingredients. The restaurant uses organically grown produce as much as possible and often sources its ingredients straight from New Jersey. Although there is a minimum of $10, people who are able to afford to donate more can make an impact in the lives of their community.

Those who pay more than $10 can cover the bill for someone else who can′t afford the meal. Dining out is often considered a luxury for people around the country, and some simply can′t afford it. Soul Kitchen aims to make sure people don’t go without a healthy meal, even if the $10 minimum donation is too high of a price for some.

Soul Kitchen will not turn away anyone who can′t pay, and instead gives these people an opportunity to volunteer at the restaurant. These diners are able to pay for their meals by helping around the restaurant. They are able to lend a helping hand in preparing the food in the kitchen, cleaning and setting the tables in the front of the restaurant, or helping others as a waiter or waitress.

Not only are people able to work for their healthy meals, they learn valuable skills in the restaurant business that may lead to permanent jobs in the industry. Soul Kitchen has their doors open to volunteers in the community who want to make a difference in the lives of others.

The selfless act of community service is highly encouraged and Soul Kitchen is always on the look out for people who want to help serve others. For more information on how to volunteer at Soul Kitchen, check out jbjsoulkitchen.org.


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