KASA Restaurant and Bar, exhibits the cool, hip vibe of downtown Orlando.  Situated at the corner of the Plaza Cinema courtyard, it′s a perfect location to lounge in their outdoor seating which gives moderate privacy but still an accessible view to the goings on in the bustling streets.  The restaurant is light and airy with a color palette of teak wood and green sage.  Furnished in minimalistic but chic contemporary décor surrounded by floor to ceiling glass.

Executive Chef Shawn Kaplan who originally hails from Canada created a menu inspired by his desire to translate the essences of the specials plates he has sampled from around world. He delivers innovative tapas or small plates of International fusion with flavors from the far reaches of the globe; Thai/Korean, French, Mexican, Caribbean, Cuban, Bahamian, Spanish, cuisine and nuances.  It transports you to that region with a diverse explosion of taste.   A raw bar with fresh seafood adds exquisite depth to the menu. The staff is well versed and knowledgeable, and my server, Gama provided excellent service and attention. These were but a few of his suggestions.


  • Sparkling Hibiscus Sangria is an absolute delight (albeit a bit intoxicating!). It has sparkling wine with Absolut hibiscus vodka, simple syrup, and fruit. You don’t taste the vodka, but I’ll tell you that 2 glasses later you will feel FABULOUS
  • KASA CornDistinctively presented roasted sweet corn on the cob slathered in miso lime aioli spices & then rolled in a spices & manchego cheese. Each bite was so succulently sweet, textured and plain enjoyable.
  • Brussels N′ Bacon– A Creative plate with a twist. sliced sautéed and roasted crisp Brussels , caramelized onions and thick chunks of miso praline bacon lardoons. Tantalizing, savory and somewhat addictive.
  • Nuevo′s Rancheros Devilled EggsPerfectly executed, creamy smooth deviled egg LACED with the piquant smoky aroma of smoked Spanish paprika, sprinkled with salty crisp bacon nibbles.  The Verde salsa and crisp plantain complimented the texture of this delicacy.
  • Crab Cake A La KASAa spritz of the accompany lemon zest, enhanced the  tanginess of the mustard dill sauce  atop panko crusted crab cakes , crunchy on the outside and plump with seasoned bell peppers and fennel, crab chunks. Plated with a frisee salad & palm hearts the crab cakes were a medley of appetizing and scrumptious savors on the tongue.


On top of an excellent cocktail, wine and beer menu, there is an enticing desert menu which includes deconstructed KASA style apple pieWrecked Apple Pie Roll- Thinly sliced granny Smith apples, sugar, cinnamon like the way mom makes it, but wait for it… it′s then battered in tempura dough, deep fried and served sushi style alongside caramel sea salt ice-cream, so unique and absolutely yummy.


KASA is the ideal place for a savory brunch, a tasty refreshing lunch or a satisfying dinner especially before hitting the downtown scene.  Trust me it′s worth coming back to sample the rest of the menu.


183 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 985-5272  www.Kasarestaurant.com