Las Vegas, the city of excess, offers any and every type of food you could ever think to want. Here is a list of chain restaurants that are both reasonably priced and provide great service. Since they are chain restaurants, you can conveniently find them in and around Las Vegas. All of these restaurants are family-friendly, and a great place to meet friends at any time of day.

BJ′s Restaurant & Brewhouse:

There are 3 locations in and around Las Vegas, but Toonari Post recently had a chance to enjoy the restaurant in Henderson, NV. This restaurant has great décor that is a combination of both a sports bar and a high end restaurant. The atmosphere creates a welcoming and sophisticated place to dine in with the comfortable seating and dark lighting. What is unique about BJ′s is that they brew not just their own beer, but also sodas. So no matter the age of the customer, there is a unique drink for them to try.  Once the drink is decided, there is a large menu with a variety of foods, including a great dessert option called Pizookie. This Pizookie has many flavors, but are all different types of delicious pizza cookies.

Claim Jumper:

There are 3 locations in and around Las Vegas, but Toonari Post recently had the opportunity to visit The Strip′s location. Just like BJ′s, there is a great mixture of class and sporty, but is still unique with walls made to look like a cabin, for example. The restaurant allows you to enjoy various types of seating whether booth or table, but the layout provides a quiet, personal atmosphere. The menu holds true to a lot of sit down restaurants with typical menu choices, but the great taste is definitely worth the trip.

Sweet Tomatoes:

For a healthy yet fun and filling choice for dinner, this is the restaurant for you. There are 4 Sweet Tomatoes locations in and around Las Vegas, but Toonari Post recently enjoyed the great service at the Henderson (Stephanie St.) location. This restaurant specializes in soups, salads, pizza, and desserts. The restaurant is a great alternative for a quick lunch, without it having to be the unhealthy fast food alternative. Sweet Tomatoes is a great place to make your own meal according to which of the components you like more or less of.  They have an always changing menu depending on the time of year, such as soups just for the holidays. All are equally as tasty and worth the money. Another perk is that you do not have to wait for your food to be made; it is already there on the buffet for you.

Sunset Pizzeria:

This family owned and ran restaurant chain is an authentic alternative for your pizza choice. Sunset Pizzeria holds the great fresh taste of pizza, but with an old school look. The décor is great, and will keep you entertained throughout your meal. There are 3 locations around Las Vegas, but Toonari Post recently went to the Henderson location. The restaurant in Henderson specifically provided a cozy feel to the dinner, and a laid back atmosphere. There are great deals with pricing, for both delivery and eat-in. The restaurant provides more than just pizza though, including pasta, sandwiches, salads, and more. While the great prices and menu will draw you in, the great service will make you want to stay and dine-in.

If you are still hungry for dessert after visiting these restaurants, make sure to try Ethel M′s chocolate whether at their store and factory locations around Las Vegas or in the airport on your way home. Ethel M’s chocolates come in any form you could think of; from fudge pieces to real hot chocolate. While visiting their factory in Henderson, NV you can even learn how they make the specialty chocolate thanks to a free tour.

If you want even more of a variety, make sure to check out the many casino buffets around the city such as M, Fiesta Henderson, and Red Rock.