It took a gang of eight Senators about six months to introduce an answer to the American people′s requests for immigration reform voiced during the 2012 elections. It took a unified Democratic party to rush through amended legislation in a week. It took old, moderate Republicans and young, promising Republicans to compromise to declare a path to citizenship for some eleven million undocumented immigrants. It took an overwhelming 68 to 32 majority to bring Immigration Legislation to the House of Representatives for implementation.

Headed into the July fourth Independence Day holiday, leading Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer (NY) celebrated and reminded Americans that, no matter their concerns on illegal immigration, they should remember it is a Civil Right.

So as the Occidental world turns its back on NSA turncoat and Fourth Amendment advocate Edward Snowden, denying him the right of asylum, Democrats taut the inalienability of asylum as fundamentally American. Much as they promoted universal healthcare as a basic right, and celebrate homosexual marriage as a civil victory, Democrats continue their crusade to prove to the world that their party is the party of plenty and parity.

Since taking back majority rule of the Senate in 2012, the party of Obama has made much of Republicans′ lack of traction among Latinos and Blacks, declaring the GOP to be racist and out-of-touch. The decision, however, to call illegal immigration a Civil Rights matter, setting the table for media talking points over the House of Representatives′ passage of the Senate′s bill, may be a step too far.

As race reportedly got the back seat to homosexual reforms this last week in landmark Supreme Court decisions, many Democrats may be starting to wonder why they have compared all the Obama reforms, starting with healthcare, to the Civil Rights campaigns of the 1960s. The desperation and earnestness pushing for equal representation under the law does not necessarily equate to equal access to benefits irrespective of cost or reward in our Free Market society.

On tour in Africa, the President boasted of America’s enlightenment for treating all people equally, though he supports neither a flat tax nor Affirmative Action abolition. Now that the President has illegally countermanded the start of his Healthcare Legislation, delaying it for a year to keep implementation difficulties out of 2014 election discussions, it shouldn′t be long before the American press starts accusing the lawyer from Chicago of sponsoring, €˜equal access,′ to all laws €“ a precipitant of corruption as well as freedom.

An American public willing to witness the Democrat-pushed reforms to grant equal-access to economic marital benefits to homosexuals may begin to wonder what the Democratic party really stands for now that the Administration has proposed hiding Healthcare Legislation until after the next election cycle.

Does the kind of special interest Civil Rights reform constituting the Democratic push in California to allow cross-dressing, transgendered children to function as persons of the opposite sex in school undermine Democratic reputability? Selling the American Dream of hope and unlimited freedom sure is fun, but one eventually has to ask: to whom are you selling it, and at what cost?

So it was the economy, and immigrants′ power to ensure a strong economy that guarantees wellbeing, that the President referenced in a speech condoning the Senate′s Immigration Reforms last week. But dissenting Senate members tell a different story, citing Congressional Budget Office reports that predict contracting national wages and decreased jobs.

Those critical of the twelve hundred page legislation had little time to question gross security inadequacies and federal regulations of state industries to ferry illegal immigrants, like so much slave labor, to low-income destinations.

Democrats stressed the difficult language of the comprehensive bill to excuse questionable interpretations as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) pushed the bill through the Senate in little over a week. But the Senate Budget Committee′s Jeff Sessions (R-AL) detailed loop-hole ridden laws that would allow federal benefits to illegals to cover the strain placed on local and state governments forced to aid unskilled workers on their thirteen year journey to citizenship.

The Senator blasted the bi-partizan legislation as the written work of special interest groups and extreme advocacy groups that want little more than to transfer hard work to foreigners to avoid having to mobilize the resident unskilled collecting benefits to make ends meet.

Though the Obama Administration has done more deporting in four years than his predecessor did in eight, election year promises forced the President to use his Homeland Security to stem the tide of the half-million illegals deported per year and promise amnesty to almost a million waiting to be sent home. The President followed up the mid-summer Executive Action with a program charging $465 for amnesty to young illegal adults of good standing.

Simultaneously, the President rebuffed Congressional pressure to make immigration easier for the high-tech and educated, ignoring overtures from Silicon Valley pleading to hold on to its American-educated scientists rather than lose them once student-visas ran out.

Republicans have already begun accusing the left of employing the Executive Branch to manipulate voter turn-out and squeeze elections out of unsustainable policies.

At the beginning of the month the House of Representatives overturned the President′s own rule of amnesty.

Since then, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) promised a Congressional Republican answer to the Democrats′ Senate-backed legislation that would prioritize security over amnesty in a veiled promise to continue deportation.

Criticism from the left has been stark, drawing in fiscal conservatives weary of federal law enforcement budgets that spend as much on immigration enforcement as all other branches combined. Writers at the Wall Street Business Journal have compared the protectionist legislators to the Nazis by calling them, €˜blood and soil,′ Republicans, as the media continues to contrast the punitive white, male Republican House with the understanding Democratic House dominated by women and minorities.

Yet in the coming weeks, as the House remodels a loop-hole laden bureaucratic reform of the great American process, a working class marginalized by unfair business practices may come to champion the Right′s commitment to American sovereignty and force the media to admit that martial law is a necessary evil in today′s America or face accusations of cognitive dissonance.


Image Courtesy of propublica