Michael Jackson has been dead for nearly two years. However, there are still so many bits of controversy muddling about in the aftermath of his passing. Most notably of late is a dispute among Lloyds of London, Jackson′s company and AEG Live. Lloyds of London was to insure Jackson′s €œThis is It€ concert series in the event of cancellation or death. We all know that they were called to duty. However, they recently filed a lawsuit against AEG Live and Jackson′s company, refusing to insure the concert.

Jackson′s death was caused by a toxic cocktail of anti-anxiety medications as well as an injection of propofol, an anesthetic solely used in hospitals. In hospitals, propofol is not at all harmful as patients′ vital signs are being monitored at all times. However, Jackson was injected and left unmonitored. Typically, breathing slows down to near fatal levels €“ which isn′t a problem in a hospital as there are always breathing machines at the ready. Jackson′s doctor, Conrad Murray, neglected to check his breathing, and thus it resulted in fatality. His death was ruled a homicide and Dr. Murray is facing charges.

So the insurance company is essentially left to foot the bill for Dr. Murray′s neglect. AEG did not mention that he [Jackson] was on any kind of prescription medicines, much less propofol. Hence, Lloyds is demanding to void the policy, as Jackson′s death was not an accident.