While in Las Vegas, the heat can get to you no matter what time of the year. Minus 5 lets you escape that, and enjoy a few drinks as well. Minus 5′s name easily states what the bar is like; 5 degrees below zero Celsius.

Every single thing in the bar is made of ice. The seating, tables, bar, walls, chandeliers, and the glasses you will use are all made from Canadian ice. In order to enjoy the cold and temperature change, you have to work your way through different rooms consisting of lower temperatures than the outside of the bar, to keep the bar′s twenty-three degree temperature from being drastically shocking. The same types of rooms are used when you leave the bar so the temperature change is comfortable once you are done enjoying the ice.

The bar originated in New Zealand, while there are two new locations on the Las Vegas Strip. The location at Monte Carlo is larger than the location at Mandalay Bay, yet both are equally as amazing. The bars′ environment is very laid back, and a bar to well, chill at, rather than dance or party. There is a wide variety of music playing, but not dance club music. It is a fun bar to socialize. The same service is provided at both, and you get the best experience no matter which one. They are both located within the two different casinos at accessible locations that make the transportation to the bars stress-free.

How do you go about hanging out in a bar like Minus 5? Before you enter the bar, you have package options to chose from to cope with the temperature change.

Depending on how much you want to spend, you can pay for a parka or a fur coat. The two options are longer coats, so you can cover most of your body. Both look good with the boots and gloves you wear throughout your time inside. The fur coats come in both black and white, while the parkas are blue. Both are equally as warm, but the fur coat is just one more way to live it up while in Las Vegas.

You will want to choose the warmest clothes as possible, especially if you plan to drink a lot, or just hang out for an extended amount of time. There are also different amounts of drink vouchers to choose from, but you can purchase more drinks inside.

Since you are not allowed to bring in any phone or camera to capture the experience, keyed lockers are provided to store your belongings. There is a great professional photographer willing to take pictures for you. Some of the package options include a photo, but either way you can view and purchase your photo of choice. Everyone looks fabulous with ice as his or her background. There are also fun ice sculptures of either snowmen, elves, the Las Vegas sign, or the ever-changing theme. Recently, this was the Olympics.

As for the future of Minus 5, there are more locations that will be opening, including in New York City. No matter the location, Minus 5 provides a unique and incredible experience for their guests.


Image Courtesy of   littleny / Shutterstock.com