Newcastle, England — Dedicated stock market betting site has narrowly missed out on its first million pound winner after regular player Chris Glancey correctly matched seven numbers on the flagship Millionaires game, although the GBP10,000 second prize should help to cushion the blow.

Chris, who lives in Tyne and Wear, has only been playing Millionaires for six weeks, so he was very pleasantly surprised when his numbers came up on Friday evening. Millionaires players are required to guess the final figure of the Friday closing price of eight major stock markets around the world, with GBP1 Million on offer for anyone who gets them all right and Chris managed to match all of the first six, giving him 5 hours to wait before the US NASDAQ and Dow Jones closed.

“I couldn’t believe it when all of the numbers in Asia and Europe came up, so I stayed in to wait for the US markets closing, but in the end only the Dow Jones matched my prediction” said Chris, a Marketing Consultant. “I’ve always been interested in financial betting, but I don’t have the time to follow the markets as closely as I’d like, so Millionaires is the perfect way to play. I was gutted not to win the million, but 10 grand after six weeks is still a pretty good result.”

Players who match seven numbers win the GBP10,000 second prize and Chris is the first to manage it, although with hundreds of players joining GoldenBoys every week the odds of the jackpot being won are shortening all the time. He matched the closing figure correctly on every market except the NASDAQ, which also happened to be the last to close.

“For a few hours I was getting nervous that we’d be handing over the whole million, but it wasn’t to happen on this occasion, so I had a great big smile on my face when I wrote out Chris’s cheque for 10 grand,” said Martin Linham, CEO of GoldenBoysBet. “It’s great to have our first big winner but it seems the NASDAQ just isn’t his lucky market, which is a feeling many Facebook shareholders will be sharing at the moment.”

Building on the phenomenal success of Millionaires, GoldenBoys is planning a series of new game launches over the next few months, all offering quirky, innovative new ways to bet on the financial markets. Visit to find out more.