Bromham, England – Greyhart Press, a publisher of science fiction, fantasy, and thriller books, announces its latest book release is Bridge of Blood by Philip McCormac, a supernatural thriller set in Northern Ireland.

Author Philip McCormac explained his inspiration for his novel:

The bizarre has always fascinated me for I was brought up in the Roman Catholic Church, and the fantastical stories of the Bible contain an amazing plethora of bizarre stories relating to Heaven & Hell. Over the centuries the devil has been the villain in many horror stories. The story of the 1641 Portadown Massacre intrigued me and it was while reading accounts of the slaughter that the idea of a novel began to take place. The times were savage and we look back and shudder to think of the barbarity of the age. But consider our own time. The Balkans, the Middle East and many African countries to mention but a few – the fighting and atrocities go on and on. I suddenly thought: what drives people to commit such violent acts? What if there was a malevolent presence spitefully pervading peoples′ minds and making them act in such a manner? So I selected one such demon from amongst the profusion of these supernatural beings €“ Laldaboth. He′s there all right. He′s maybe watching you right now. I only hope I have not roused his interest in me€¦€

Commenting on the release, Greyhart Press publisher Tim C. Taylor said: €œThere are places in the world where history runs deep, and Northern Ireland is one of them. Philip McCormac has honed his story-writing skills over many years as an author of Westerns. In Bridge of Blood, he applies those skills to the rich potential of the setting with page-turning results.€

Bridge of Blood is available now in paperback from and and is also available worldwide as a Kindle eBook.

Other eBook editions will be available from spring 2013.