Novak Djokovic secured the No. 1 ranking in the world Sunday by defeating Rafael Nadal 6-4, 6-1 ,1-6, 6-3 in the finals at Wimbledon.

Djokovic controlled the first two sets, seemingly having the match under control the whole way until Nadal tried to spark a fierce comeback in the third. Nadal provied why he and nor Djokovic came into this match with the number one ranking, but Djokovic ultimately proved why he took it.

The 24 year old Serbian pro got his first tournament win on grass and is now beginning what may be a long reign as tops in the world.

Djokovic improved to 48-1 with the win, including five wins against Nadal, and the only loss being to Roger Federer.

With Federer’s time in the spotlight dwindling, the tennis world will soon come down to many more battles between Djokovic and Nadal. No longer does one of them dominate a certain surface of play, making tournaments much tougher to predict. Grand Slams will start to become a real possibility for both of them, the only thing standing in their way being each other.

American born players have all but dropped out of relevance in the men’s game. Names like Fish and Roddick are not quite matching the stardom that fans were used to from guys like Agassi, Sampras and McEnroe.

Following a similar path of professional golf in the post-Tiger era, American fans are crying for a few face in tennis, and until that happens the sport will unfortunately suffer in popularity.

Of course this is no matter to the champions as only one of the four yearly majors is played in the United States.

Nadal is indeed a great player, but with the short windows that dominant tennis players have, expect it to be Djokovic’s time at the top for a while, it’s his turn.

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