The White House Administration refuses to backtrack from its landmark Healthcare law despite popular outcry that the law hurts businesses and individuals alike. Months after decommissioning the now infamous Tea Party flag favorite, ‘Don’t Tread On Me,’ from the Armed Services, the White House has taken up the Revolutionary flag to promote Healthcare as a universal civil right for Americans in recent publicity.

The April 1 deadline for culling 7 million Healthcare signees for President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act was met with cynicism and sidelong circumspection, as many in the media pointed out that Katherine Sebelius’s Health and Human Services department failed to enroll 7 million Americans into Healthcare, merely registering 7 in the enrollment process.

Previously in March, Secretary Sebelius promised there would be more extensions as Medicare and Medicaid spokesmen Julie Bataille underlined that, “We don’t actually have the statutory authority to extend the open enrollment period in 2014.”

Just before the deadline, White House declared another rollback of the April 1 target to insure that at least 7 million have signed up for Affordable Healthcare. Secretary Sebelius reminded the Free Press that this was not technically an extension to the chagrin of many reporters.

Young invicibles have been shown to be shunning the registration process far too much for Obamacare to be economically sustainable enough to survive in the long term goal of insuring the 48 million without coverage. Journalists chimed in decrying the authenticity of the White House figure so resolutely that the President, singled them as naysayer ‘stink burgers,’ concentrating too much on the costly and cumbersome roll-out rather than on the marginal success of legislation that many thought would never come to pass in Capitalistic America.

Hawaii has spent more per enrollee with government subsidies and advertising than it takes to buy a brand new BMW to enroll five and half thousand citizens. Accordingly, CNBC reported that national average for the Administration’s subsidization process to be five times lower than Hawaii’s, suggesting that a low number of enrollees has cost the tax payer more and more with every passing deadline failure of this much embattled piece of legislation.

In mid February, the New York Times reported that one in five who registered for Obama’s care package in 2013 did not pay a Healthcare premium as of yet.

According to a late Mach AP-GfK poll, only 26% of Americans find Obamacare to be favorable and 13% believed it would be repealed as the White House declared reaching 6 million signatures the week before the self-imposed 7 million person deadline on April 1.

AP-GfK found that 7 in 10 believed that the Administration’s legislation will eventually be fully implemented with changes.

Half of Americans opposed the law’s implementation in April 2010.

When Secretary Sebelius announced 6 million signees shortly before the 7 million deadline came and went on April 1, she admitted that only perhaps 80% had paid.

Of the 6 million signees, 4.5 million resulted from a Medicaid expansion, while another one and half million were children transferred onto their parents’ plan.

Recently, the Rand Corporation supposed that less a million of the new signees were people who were previously uninsured.

The Congressional Budget Office, which once in 2010 projected close to 40% of America’s uninsured would gain Healthcare, has since revised its figures down to 22% this last February.

This March, the White House declared that 83% of signees were eligible for subsidies while only 27% percent of Americans eligible for subsidies have signed on, according to political blogger Robert Laszewski.

The Affordable Healthcare Act is scheduled to cost 2.6trillion over the next 10 years growing to one sixth of the entire governmental budget.

Pollsters rationalized and foreshadowed the dramatic leap in ACA signees at the end of March from 6 to 7million by concentrating on the last-minute Latino vote, claiming that they represent some 30 to 45 million and a third of the nation’s uninsured.

Gallup recently proported that African American uninsured fell 2.6 percent year on year.

However, after another year of White House decrees altered the Obamacare legislation giving a pass to unions and big-business, franchises across the country have been forced to cut staff and reduce growth as forecast last year.

This week, eighteen Democrats joined Republicans to pass law declaring the 40 hour work-week to be the cut-off for mandating employers to cover employee Healthcare, saving numerous business that admitted they would not survive the hike in expenditure if they had to cover 30-hour employees.

The White House has threatened to veto such a law despite research suggesting that some 12 million workers would avoid having their hours cut to balance employer budgets.

According to the Associated Press, it marks the 52nd time the Republican House as tried to repeal the Administration’s Affordable Healthcare Act.

Former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs forecasts that the already Presidentialy -delayed Employer Mandate to offer employees Healthcare for mid-sized business of 50-99 will eventually be dropped altogether.


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