New York, U.S.A. — On September 4, 2012, Gaiam, the leading distributor of lifestyle media, announced the release of famed Pilates instructor Mari Winsor’s Beginner Pilates DVD. This new title is designed to teach the correct form, alignment, and positioning of the most basic Pilates moves, allowing individuals to achieve results safer and faster.

As one of the most celebrated names in Pilates, with over 20 years teaching experience, Winsor continues to see basic Pilates moves being performed incorrectly, which can limit results and potentially cause injury. Whether a novice or advanced practitioner, Beginner Pilates allows users to visualize and understand correct form and placement of each move.

“It is my mission to ensure that my students carry out each and every one of my exercises with precision and correct form,” says Winsor. “Now, with the help of this new Gaiam DVD, I can provide one-on-one personal coaching to everyone doing the workouts at home, so that they too can attain the results they are looking for.”

Beginner Pilates features three workouts plus a bonus downloadable practice:

  • Perfect Pilates Form (5 minutes) €“ This “workshop” format breaks down several standard Pilates moves to ensure correct form throughout each exercise, making the most of every move.
  • Pilates Primer (25 minutes) €“ Contains easy-to-follow exercises, which teach how this dynamic workout method can help users achieve the body and results they have always wanted.
  • Strengthen and Lengthen (30 minutes) €“ Combines elements of the first two workouts showing how using “perfect form” can produce quicker results.
  • Bonus Downloadable: Stand Tall (10 minutes) €“ A standing series that takes traditional Pilates vertical for a comprehensive, full body calorie burning workout.

“We are thrilled to work with Mari Winsor again and offer another Pilates DVD that will help our consumers achieve their fitness goals more efficiently,” says Bill Sondheim, president of Gaiam. “With this new DVD led by Mari, who has been a driving force in spreading Pilates to the masses, we are continuing to fulfill our mission at Gaiam to provide consumers with the highest quality content developed by the most esteemed fitness professionals.”

Mari Winsor’s Beginner Pilates has an approximate runtime of 60 minutes and a suggested retail price of$14.98. The DVD will be available beginning September 4, 2012 in stores nationwide and online at