Placebo fans have been waiting for this moment for a long time now. After the successful release of the album €˜Battle For The Sun′ in 2009, and a subsequent world tour, which went on through 2010, the British alternative rock band made its fans hold their breath last year.

In 2011 the band made its only festival appearance in August, at the Mercedes-Benz celebrative festival in Stuttgart, Germany. A couple of days before the gig, they also played a very intimate warm-up show in Berlin, announced to fans shortly before. Needless to say, the excitement among fans was high, and the tickets for both events sold out right away. People traveled from several countries to see the band perform the two gigs. The shows were both very successful, and the warm-up show in Berlin was brilliant. An exciting, energetic, and very passionate performance, which expressed all the love Placebo have for their fans. Drummer Steve Forrest stated after the show how much he missed performing with Placebo during the months of break, €œGlad to be back with the family,€ he said.

This year is a different story though. Placebo are giving their fans what they want. They already performed at Sundance festival in London, with a couple of warm-up shows in Liverpool and Edinburgh. They are touring Europe through several summer festivals, to the joy of Placebo lovers. Furthermore, fans will have the chance to attend few free concerts promoted by Mercedes-Benz, for which an online ticket competition took place. The band declared to like the approach that Mercedes-Benz is following to support emerging artists, hence they are glad to team up with the brand. It will be a series of five shows in 5 different cities in Europe, touching on Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and France.

Fans are not only excited about touring. Three years after the release of the amazing €˜Battle For The Sun,′ Placebo are back in the studio, working on new material. The announcement of a new album comes directly from the band. On the band′s official website, a statement by the band members reads, €œWe had a good break last year for the first time in 15 years and enjoyed time with our families and friends, did some traveling, and basically recharged the batteries. The creative juices are now flowing again so we′re back in the studio working on new material. A long time coming we know!! We′ve been working with Adam Noble (dEUS, Red Hot Chili Peppers) on a bunch of new tracks which we hope will see the light of day later this year following our festival appearances this summer. We′re in a good creative place right now and ideas are flowing. We′re hoping to have a new studio album ready for release pre summer next year.€

The new Placebo album is surely something to look forward to. What the band has demonstrated is to have grown constantly: the last album, €˜Battle For The Sun,′ comes across as slightly different from the previous ones to the listener. The band showed a level of maturity of sound and depth in content that, although always present in Placebo′s records, is astonishing in this one. Surely an interesting basis from which to start for the new album.  Luminary Brian Molko’s vision, Steve Forrest’s passionate energy, and the perfectionism of Stefan Olsdal’s musical approach will do the rest.


Image Courtesy of  Placebo