A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll reported that fifty percent of Americans believe that Congressional investigations into the President’s administration is justified.

The trio of scandals facing the Administration have yet to permeate the national conversation, but they have already begun to sully the President′s sterling reputation. In mid May, before departing for a meeting with Syrian rebels, Senator John McCain (R-AZ), flatly stated that the Benghazi Embassy Attack is beginning to sound like a cover up.

At the end of May, Paul Rand (R-KY), two months removed from a 13 hour filibuster to defeat American drone assassination, stated on Sunday, May 26, on ABC′s This Week: “I think the constellation of these three scandals really takes away from the President′s moral authority to lead the nation. No one questions his legal authority. But I really think he′s losing the moral authority to lead this nation.”

The Attorney General′s fingerprints are all over the investigation of civilian journalists. The President himself has a history for naming and shaming individual journalists to pry them from the herd of those covering the White House. Perhaps we should be less than shocked that political groups and journalists are kindling the outrage of the citizenry. After all, this is the Administration that has used the Espionage Act to identify enemies of the Republic like no one before.

Surely conservative journalists who maligned the Presidency for seeking to ban FOX representatives from Press Conferences in the past aren′t shocked that the IRS targeted conservative and Republican think tanks, like the Tea Party, on the basis of their beliefs.

This is the same President that has barred the press from certain publicity meetings so that the participants could talk at ease. This is the same President who locked the public out of the White House this spring, only to open for celebrity visits.

Still, few have to point the finger sternly at the Administration to take account for the Scandalgate drawing fire from Republicans and Democrats alike. The details, slow to come to the fore, seem to lead to the President′s own cabinet.

President Obama’s own Secretary of Treasury and former Chief of Staff, Jack Lew, admitted to knowing unscrupulous IRS investigations a full year before the media storm.

The people′s lawyer, Attorney General Eric Holder, has been implicated in the Department of Justice scandal by signing the search warrant to investigate the FOX journalist James Rosen for charges of anti-American conspiracy and activity.

Worst of all, the President reportedly shared a 10pm conversation with former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton following the murderous attack on American soil at the Benghazi Embassy. The meeting, a followup to a 5pm briefing, seemingly OK′d a cover-up to distract from the government′s previous action in the deadly fricassee.

And the Scandalgate continues to grow.

In mid May, the House Energy and Commerce Committee announced a probe into Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius for taking cash from insurance companies in the goal of educating the public on the virtues of the President′s €˜ObamaCare′ plan. The conflict of interest of the Health and Human Services Secretary to privately fundraise for the President has garnered an ever-widening circumspection from the GOP.

The straw that breaks the camels back, however, may be the Administration′s new Secretary of Commerce, Chicago billionaire Penny Pritzker. Pritzker, tapped to represent the country′s business community, was a major backer of the President′s Senatorial run. Unfortunately, her handling of the Superior Bank melt down forced her to withdraw her first run for Secretary in 2008, when the New York Times began airing the dirty laundry. The confirmation of the union-busting, subprime lending, tax-dodging one-percenter should disgust many a left-wing Presidential supporter and raise the evil specter of cronyism €“ corruption so repugnant that it may sway even the most cynical liberal.

The President, for his part, continues to sail on the valor of idealism, delivering speeches promising to close GITMO as the Guantanamo prison prepares a 170 million dollar renovation.

Which apparently is where the buck stops. The President′s favorite stomping ground, Jon Stewart′s Daily Show on Comedy Central, has begun lampooning the President, scandalizing the office to the President′s face in mid May and continuing on a torrent against the Democratic party never before seen on the network.

In a bid to sweep Scandalgate under the rung, celebrity anchor Tom Brokaw stated the current whirlwind is but a gust when compared to the Abu Ghraib €˜scandal′ that saw 11 military personnel garner convictions under various charges of cruel and unusual torture practices in Iraq.

Perhaps Mr. Brokaw sought to make a mole-hill into a mountain with his comparison?

Whatever the case for the awkward contrast of Presidential scandals to cruel and unusual torture, the point remains that the once solid Administration of the pioneering Barack Obama is crumbling.

Now only 30 percent of surveyed George Washington professors believe that the President′s peerless countenance will end up on Mount Rushmore, according to Russia Today.

Let us recall that George Washington does employ Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, who enjoys likening the founding fathers to the powerfully corrupt pimps and gangsters of Hip Hop dirges.

Russia Today′s back-handed compliment does point to an increasing trend against Obama mania. In a new poll by Quinnipiac University, the President has taken an overall disapproval rating of 49 percent, contrasting an approval rating of 45.

Most discouraging of all, among independents, the bulwark of the President′s battle-ground state victory just eight short months ago, only thirty seven percent approve while fifty seven percent disapprove. In comparison, at the beginning of the month, before Mr. Jon Stewart′s lampooning, forty seven percent approved.

As the facts of the Scandalgate continue to bubble to the surface, will independents continue to rebel against the Administration? Will staunch Democrats ever leave their Commander and Chief as they learn the intricacies that call into question the judgment of the President?


Image credit: Barack Obama via Facebook