On June 20 around 3 A.M., several shots were fired outside of Score’s Cabaret Strip Club and the adjacent night club. At the time, around three hundred people were leaving the night club after a rap concert.

Three people, one woman and two men, were killed during the shooting. The one woman who was killed is being described by the police as an innocent bystander. She had not attended the concert that night nor was she related to the other victims of the shooting.

Two men were also wounded in the shooting and were taken to the hospital to treat their wounds. One man was a Houston rapper, Trae Tha Truth, also known as Frazier Thompson III, and is not believed to have been the target of the shooting.

Currently police are unsure as to the motive of the shooting or who actually fired the weapon. Houston Police Spokesman Victor Senties stated, €œThere were hundreds of people in that parking lot. Somebody must have seen or heard something. We desperately need someone to come forward.€

Police believe that there is a possibility that the shooting is related to an incident that occurred Sunday, June 17 or to another club shooting that happened in November 2011.

The 2011 shooting happened on November 25 at the Breakers Club. Another Houston rapper, Dominic Levar Brown, was shot and killed just outside of the club, after hours. According to Chron.com the rapper was the right hand man to Trae Tha Truth.

Several of the concert goers commented on the shots that they heard. One man, Rick Cook stated, €œI didn’t see any shooters. It was more than one because there were too many gunshots.€

Another man, Mike Slaughter, was also leaving the concert claimed, €œIt sounded like fifty shots. People were ducking down. It was fast.€

One of Slaughter’s friends was shot and he tried to help him. When Slaughter was interviewed his white socks, fingers, and t-shirt were covered in blood, according to ABC.

Gerald Law, sixty, lost his son in the shooting. He is having a hard time with the death of his son and reportedly stated, €œI just have to deal with it day by day.€

Law’s cousin, Willie Singleton, came to support him at the parking lot and stated, €œThis is night life. Anything can happen out here this time of the morning. You’re lucky if you get out of here.€

As of yet no one has been taken into custody.