Frequency Festival, the yearly event that takes place in St. Poelten, Austria, started on August 15, with a roaring welcome day. The festival is organized by Skalar Entertainment GmbH. It is the gathering of music lovers from all around Europe who celebrate the many forms music can take. Eight stages and more than 100 acts are set to entertain the giant crowd participating in the event which will go on until Saturday, August 18.

The grand opening, among others, saw the performances of The Black Keys and The Killers at the Space Stage, the most €œrocking€ stage of the event.

The blues-rock duo from Ohio, composed of Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach, bedazzled their fans for about one hour. The daylight accompanied their performance, as well as the two musicians Gus Seyffert and John Wood, who are currently touring with the duo. When El Camino was released, Patrick Carney was said to be worried about future live performances, due to the faster drumming tempo of their newest work.

But he didn’t have to be; we greatly applaud Carney’s performance as he banged the drums to perfection yesterday, enriching the entire performance. The guitar played by Dan Auerbach also helped conquer a crowd that couldn′t help but rocking out to the rock-blues sounds of the duo.

The catchy €˜Lonely Boy′ did its job, setting the audience on fire, although the peak of the performance was probably €˜Little Black Submarines,′ a jewel of a song, masterfully executed by the band. Most of the songs were performed with the support of two live musicians playing bass, keyboards and an additional guitar, but Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach also reserved a couple of more private moments for themselves, addressing the audience on their own.

The talent that the two musicians from Ohio showed in their records was confirmed by their live performance, full of professionalism, passion, and great musical capabilities.

The Killers played afterwards as headliner, concluding the first of the four days of the festival. They took the stage and performed with flashy choreography worthy of their Las Vegas origins. Colorful lights and images passing by on a background of electronic mountains accompanied their entire performance, with the addition of a couple of fireworks moments.

The Killers played some of their most famous hits as well as some of their new material, entertaining the audience for about an hour and a half. A charming performance, which reached peaks of crowd appreciation with hits such as €˜Somebody Told Me′ and €˜Mr. Brightside.′ A clean and well-executed show by the pop-rock band made in Las Vegas.


Image Courtesy of  kate.gardiner