There are plenty of magazines out in the realm of society, all over the world. Magazines come and go over the years, but not The North American Review. The North American Review is the oldest literary magazine in the United States, and second oldest in the world.

William Tudor founded the magazine in Boston, Massachusetts in 1815. Since then, the magazine has been run in New York City, and then in Iowa; first at Cornell College, and now currently at the University of Northern Iowa. Its current co-editors are Vince Gotera and Grant Tracey, who are also both professors at the University of Northern Iowa.

The North American Review has been edited by a number of famous figures such as John Steinbeck, Mark Twain, and Walt Whitman, to name a few. Since 2000, under the ownership of the University of Northern Iowa, contributors include impressive figures such as Kurt Vonnegut. The magazine has a large amount of contributors from all around the world, as well as subscribers.

There are very few magazines around that allow the viewers to be the magazine. The North American Review consists of a wide variety for the subscribers for the categories of art, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and reviews. It is a quarterly magazine that is created by both the readers and the workers. All of the illustrations and writings are all freelance personnel. If interested, their website has further information, including guidelines on how to both apply and submit for the magazine. Anyone is able to submit work to the magazine.

A neat aspect to the production of the magazine is that students are able to work hands on with the entire process. The North American Review allows a way for students of all majors and colleges to learn the different responsibilities and tasks in the creation of each issue. For the latest issue, there were 20 college students who were part of the various departments of production.

The chance for students and people all around the world to share their works as well as view others is a lot like the mission of Toonari Post. There is a unique aspect and voice created when everyone gets a chance to help build a company. When there is nothing that cannot have a chance to be written and read.

The North American Review is a magazine that Toonari Post can look to for the future goals, but as for right now they are both amazing products for people of all backgrounds to enjoy and learn from.