Since its first publication in 1985, €˜What to Expect When You′re Expecting′ has become a modern standard and the definitive bible for expectant parents. The perennial New York Times bestseller, authored by Heidi Murkoff, was named one of USA Today′s 25 most influential books of the past 25 years and is now the first book in a series that has sold 35 million copies worldwide.

The book offers exactly what it promises: a wealth of up-to-the-minute information and advice about the mysterious and unpredictable process of pregnancy. But its true appeal is its singular voice: totally frank, modern, empathetic and very funny. That′s exactly what sets €˜What to Expect′ apart from the glut of imitators and what attracted producers at Phoenix Pictures €“ Mike Medavoy, Arnold Messer and David Thwaites €“ to the idea of adapting €˜What to Expect′ for the screen with Lionsgate and Alcon Entertainment.

€œI think it′s very, very clever, this movie concept based on the book,€ says actress Cameron Diaz, who plays one of five expectant mothers in the ensemble comedy. €œI′ve always heard the title being talked about. It′s one of those books that have been around and a part of almost everyone′s life. When you read it, it feels like you′re getting advice from your best friend who′s been through it all.€

Co-star Jennifer Lopez agrees wholeheartedly. €œThe book is amazing, which is why it’s so popular,€ she says. €œIt tells you exactly, week to week, what’s happening to you in the moment. I think women, by nature, when we’re pregnant, are so worried that everything’s going to go okay. And here you have this book saying, €˜This is supposed to be happening. Don’t worry. You’re supposed to feel like this.′ I think the movie does the exact same thing. It reassures you by telling five totally different stories about being pregnant and making you laugh.€

A father of two, Chris Rock admits that the book, €˜What to Expect′, is still on his wife′s nightstand€¦and his oldest daughter is nine. €œThis book′s been in my face for ten years,€ he says. €œBut it really helped. It′s rough having a baby. My wife was pretty cool. But just imagine carrying around a seven- or eight-pound ham for nine months. Forget it even being in your body €“ just have it in a bag that you can′t put down €“ and you′ve got to sleep with that ham and swim with the ham and take a bath with the ham. No matter where you go, you′ve got to carry this ham. So, you know what? You′re allowed to complain.€


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