Most often than not you wonder if the very people in whose hand we have left the management and of our countries and world in general are worth the honor. You wonder if those at the helm of affairs are there to serve the people or to fulfill their selfish interest.

I have harbored a pain in me for such a long time but after seeing the lackluster attitude with which our €œcaring€ leaders are attending to the situation in Somalia, I think it is time to speak.

The end of the human race begins the day we fail to see other humans as people worth helping. What is happening in Somalia is a serious world problem the needs serious attention and quick response but unfortunately the very people in whose hand we have entrusted our world do not see it as such.

The horn of Africa has been hit by severe drought affecting Kenya, Ethiopia and especially Somalia. Somalia has been hardest hit by the drought, which is the worst in 60 years, because it is a poor country, trying to work its way out of war since 1991. This has placed 11.3 million people in need of aid. Currently there are 800,000 children at risk of starvation and the drought is not expected to end before October.

Children some as young as a few months old are made to go days without food and sometimes without water too. The death toll is believed to have reached triple figures though there is yet to be an official release — yet our leaders look on with little concern just because they and their families are full. They fail to see the urgency of the situation.

The most disheartening of all is the fact that there is still fighting in the country between the government army, backed by African Union forces, and the Al-Shabab rebels which on Thursday resulted in the death of 25 people and more than 50 wounded in Mogadishu, the capital. Presently, there are about 1.5 million people internally displaced in the country with over 800,000 already in refugee camps in neighboring Kenya and Ethiopia.

It is a shame that we all, especially those in a position to help, have turned the bling eye. The people of Somalia did not choose to be born there — neither have they called for a famine. This is an issue that can happen to any country especially those of the third world and the earlier we help the better it will be for us all. We should count every soul that perishes in this famine as a shame to the human race because they die as a result of our inability to interpret their need as an emergency.

With this piece, I am sending an appeal to the world in the name of God to help Somalia if you can. Let us be remembered for posterity not through our inaction but as a people who acted wisely when the hands of time called on us to. Somalia is not only their Somalia but our Somalia too.

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