€˜Twitter′ is a place where users can communicate with other people by posting what they think in a short sentence. To express what you think or to talk to other people, you should be €˜following′ someone, or you need to collect your own €˜followers.′

It is generally thought that someone who has many followers is popular amongst followers or influential online. This is why there are some people trying to create more followers in unconventional ways. Two weeks ago a friend e-mailed me, claiming that he could demonstrate how to create 5,000 followers in two weeks. Two weeks later, he got over 5,000 followers, just as he had said. How was that possible?

The method he revealed was quite easy. Write €˜how to collect followers easily,′ on a search site, such as Naver, a Korea′s biggest portal site, and it shows a series of websites which can help you  increase your number of followers. Among those, the most popular one was €˜twitaddon.′

Twitaddon shows people a list of twitter users who have 100 percent rate of following. It means when you follow someone on this list, the chances of he or she following you back is 100 percent. In that regard, if you want to increase the number of your followers, it is better for you to follow someone who is on the top of the list shown by twitaddon. Twitaddon also has a place in which people can promote their twitter account. Twitaddon allows people to follow only 100 people an hour, which means that if you try this every hour, you can follow up to 2,400 people a day.

It is quite easy to spot people who have over 1,000 followers on this website; however, most of them have not posted anything on their twitter accounts.

It cannot be said someone who has 5,000 followers is influential or popular, because it is quite easy to see those who have over one hundred thousand followers nowadays. The unusual manner with which to collect followers that mt friend showed  questions whether having many followers is really that important.

The problem with people doing this, is that they are not interested in what other people are saying. The only purpose of these people is to increase their number of followers. It seems that Twitter’s original purpose of communicating with other users has vanished among those people.

However, since a lot of people still believe that someone with many followers is influential online, it is likely that the number of people trying to increase their followers, in any way, will rise.