The change from Fall to Winter will soon be upon us and as the weather changes, so do clothing and accessories. Scarves and hats start coming out and later on, gloves as well. Boots replace regular shoes and long coats replace blazers or jackets. A few things to get yourself fashion ready and in the Winter mind set are included here. Small things done now will save time, money and angry frustration when the weather becomes cold.

1. New Apparel

Winter is a harsh environment and many people tend to treat their clothing roughly and forget to take care of them in the rush to get warm. Check on your current boots, shoes and coats to see if they require repairing or replacement. Similar to tires on a car, checking them now saves a lot of time and frustration later. Winter is not the time to skimp on new boots or other essentials that are in need of repairs, a little bit here and there goes a long way to a less miserable holiday season. 

2. Dry Cleaners

Sending items to the dry cleaner is an optional idea for those luxury items in your life that require special care. The one item, however, that should only be cleaned once a season is your wool coat. Too much cleaning will remove and damage the fibers in the coat while too little leaves evidence of parties from the year before. Other items that can be cleaned more often are sweaters and scarves.

3. Protect your boots

Whether you do a quick protective shine yourself or you send them to get professionally done, getting leather shoes and boots protected from the Winter elements will save a lot of money in the long run. This little bit of effort increases the longevity of your footwear and keeps up that new leather appearance. Good boots will last 10 years or more, but only if you prepare them for snow and snow salt.

4. Tailors

Odds are, there are items in your closet that could do with a trim. Activity during summer may have left behind a healthier body but that’s no excuse to go around looking like a shapeless sack in your suit. Whether it’s a blazer that requires a little tucking in or pants that need a little hemming, sending items to the tailor in the Fall saves a trip to the tailor in the harsh and brutal Winter. Additionally, many tailoring businesses get busier during the Winter, so doing it now saves time as well.

5. Personal care

Personal hygiene and maintenance are certainly part of one’s style and shows the world who an individual is. In many ways, more than the clothes, personal grooming and hygiene are the most telling factors about personal style. Some men prefer to grow a beard for the Winter and that’s fine; just keep it clean and groomed. Similarly, skin during the harsh Winter months can become dry between a heated home and winter winds. Keep some lotion or lip balm close at hand.