After an entire game of attack and tension, France reached its goal of a spot at the European Football Championship 2012 by tying with Bosnia Herzegovina in the minute 77, by a penalty.

During the first half of the match, the Bosnian team showed an incredible counterattack, putting a lot of pressure on France while maintaining resistance on their own front.

France has already won two Eurocup titles; first in 1984 in France, and then in 2000 in Belgium and The Netherlands.

In the first half of the game, 39 minutes in, the Bosnian team scored the first goal of the game by Edin Dzeko. France’s defense remained strong, but it needed an alternative for the pass to reach for the goal. On the second half of the game, France showed an incredible pressure, not stopping and making several goal attempts, attacking continuously the Bosnian goalkeeper.

Bosnia and Herzegovina under manager Safet SuÅ¡ić was classifying for the victory but on the 77th minute, France scored a penalty by Nasri, tying with their opponents. Bosnia Herzegovina did not show the same energy in the second half of the game. On the contrary, France reacted to the first half, regrouped and started to attack constantly.

The end of the match was a positive results for the French team, placing them inside the Eurocup. The Euro 2016 hosting has already been given to France.