Another UFO was reportedly seen flying over the skies of Brazil recently.  Witnesses report that the unidentified flying object was seen near the town of Agudas in Sao Paulo state.  But, was it really a UFO or just another hoax?

The footage, captured by two witnesses, was publicized on Brazilian TV station G1.  The video shows a blurry picture of a disc-shaped object hovering in the clouds for approximately a minute during daylight hours.  The disc then disappears in a bright flash of light followed by a trail of colorful bursts.  Two witnesses allegedly saw the object as they were driving near Sao Paulo and they got out of the car to catch the event with their video cameras.  The witnesses reported that they felt the ground shaking at the same time the object vanished.  Other people in the area also felt the ground shake.  According to the U.S. Geological Survey’s Earthquake Hazards Program, there have been no earthquakes in the area. Chile was rocked by a few earthquakes in recent days, notably a 6.8 magnitude temblor on February 11.

Video-editing expert Philip Cavaca told G1 that the film was a well-made montage — but a hoax nonetheless.  “It can be seen in one frame,” he told the station. “When the truck goes by, you can tell that the UFO was moved, which is un-noticeable to the naked eye,” he said. According to Cavaca, by freezing the image you can see the exact frame in which the “UFO” alters.

G1 did not release the name of the witnesses who supposedly saw the UFO.  They did say that the video has captured the city′s attention and many residents are talking about the sighting.

Watch the video on G1′s site and see what you think.  Real or fake?