British punctuality is nothing but a myth. At least when it comes to fashion and catwalk shows. As a bride about to walk down the aisle, designers love to keep their guests waiting. In a room packed with portraits of witty British freemasons – most of them in their military uniform – Ukrainian designers stood up for peace almost half an hour late on the schedule. Such is the London Fashion Week, a space where opposites meet and convey meaning in unexpected ways.

Earlier this summer, Kiev Fashion Days united designers who wanted to raise their voices against the political and military crisis between Russia and Ukraine. To gain visibility, they decided to start a conversation on Twitter and other social media channels under the hashtag #FashionForPeace. On Saturday, September 13, they brought their commitment both to fashion and Ukraine onto the catwalk. They proved that their cause was not just a flash in the pan. Anna K., Anton Belinskiy, Yasya Minochkina and Lera Leshchova were joined by Leonid Zherebtsov from Kazakhstan to showcase their SS15 collections. Hard work and talent are their weapons. They all wave the flag of fashion, hoping for a peaceful future for Ukraine where they can keep growing their businesses.

Anna K. opened the show with a high dose of a €œnot too serious€ attitude and six outfits with clean, minimalistic structures that put simplicity on the centre stage. On the other side of the equation, her eye-catching accessories were a tribute to colorful pop art and popular culture quotes, such as €œGentlemen prefer blondes.” Unlike other designers, Anna K. decided to enjoy the catwalk from inside the show and walked down the runway herself in a magnificent pastel silky dress.

Right after, Lera Leshchova presented an interesting collection with echoes of the iconic Chanel two-piece suit. However, her playful approach to classical patterns was depicted in cut out blazers and cocktail dresses. Neon shorts and skirts contrasted with more formal tops. Flowers in different materials and shapes were her distinctive mark.

Leshchova handed over to Anton Belinskiy, who opened his show with a colorful dress that brought to mind fashion master Yves Saint-Laurent and his Piet Mondrian-inspired designs. Inspired by non-verbal codes, the Ukrainian designer used traffic signs and sign language prints to surprise the front row. No to be missed were his sleeveless lady-like dress matched with a sportswear jacket.

Kazakhstan designer Leonid Zherebtsov brought to this year’s LFW his timeless tailoring with a collection that consciously avoided excess and provocation. His quilted coats and faux fur jackets were remarkable, not to mention his suits matched with golden sandals. His style has something of a ‘golden era’ 1950s and ‘60s to it, but he also seemed to have taken inspiration from women′s tennis outfits circa 1920s to create a gorgeous pleated midi skirt and a V neck top – all in white.

SS15, according to former Saint Martins student Yasya Minochkina, will be blossoming with high-tech fabrics and minimalistic, streamlined silhouettes. Color block outfits and loose suit jackets are key in this highly anticipated SS15 collection.

As part of Fashion Scout Kiev project, these designers will soon be heading to Paris to participate in the showroom €œMore Dash€, curated by Maria Shapovalova.

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