Beijing, China – PR Newswire issued a new white paper that provides essential information about the media landscape in China, as well as tips for building successful communications strategies and media outreach programs. Designed specifically for companies looking to learn more about China that may not currently have a presence here, the white paper, titled “Navigating China’s Complex Media Landscape,” is a must-read for marketing and communications experts interested in learning about what drives the world’s most populous nation.

Breaking down China’s complex media landscape into bite-size segments, the white paper provides useful and usable information about how to navigate both traditional and online media in China. Confusing and contradictory at times, Chinese media can also be summarized by their fast transformation, and while traditional media still play an important role, online media are becoming more and more influential.

The white paper includes: a detailed breakdown of both traditional and online media, with an emphasis on the power of traditional media and the growing impact of social media and new technologies; a comprehensive list of Do’s and Don’ts for marketers and communicators; tips for writing Chinese press releases, building media relationships and getting noticed online and a selection of case studies highlighting international companies that got it right.

“The goal of the white paper is simple. We want to provide companies with a clear and concise picture of China’s media landscape and how best to navigate it,” said Lee Green, Director of Operations (Asia) at PR Newswire. “We hope that the knowledge we’ve gained over the last decade, since PR Newswire first opened its Beijing office, will help guide companies as they look to crack what can be a very complex industry, and we’re also delighted to be conducting a three-part webinar series on ‘Understanding China’ that runs in connection with this white paper.”