Louisville, U.S.A. – Eco Power Solutions, the leading provider of advanced multi-pollutant emissions control systems, demonstrated the success of its COMPLY 2000 technology during a Coal-Gen tour of its Technology Center on Tuesday, August 14. The Center’s coal unit removed nearly 100 percent of NOx and SOx emissions during the two-hour tour.

Eco Power Solutions hosted a group of industry executives at its Technology Center in Louisville as part of the 2012 Coal-Gen conference. During the tour, the COMPLY 2000 scrubbed flue gas from an on-site, coal-fired boiler. The unit removed an average 98.6 percent of NOx, 99.99 percent of SOx and captured 75.5 percent of CO2.

“Today our technology exceeded all EPA air quality regulations and removed greater than 95 percent of all criteria pollutants, including mercury, NOx, SOx, heavy metals, acid gases and CO2,” said Tom Bartolomei, President and CEO of Eco Power Solutions. “Eco Power Solutions has proven it can help coal- and gas-fired power meet increasing clean air standards while maintaining delivery of reliable, cost-effective electricity.”

“Eco Power Solutions proved the strength of its emissions scrubbing technology today,” said Brock Ramey, North American Power Research Manager for Industrial Info Resources, who took the tour. “They explained every step of the process, and gave us an ongoing look at the results. Numbers don’t lie, and we watched the COMPLY technology remove almost 100 percent of pollutants and capture three quarters of CO2.”

Opened in 2010, the Technology Center gives visitors the chance to see the COMPLY 2000, the world’s most advanced, turnkey multi-pollutant emissions control technology on the market today, operating in real time. This technology provides an all€“in€“one solution to reduce mercury, NOx and SOx emissions, arsenic, chromium, nickel, other heavy metals and acid gases; and capture CO2.

The COMPLY 2000 applies gas/vapor and condensing techniques to emission control and proven scrubbing technology. The unit generates a minimum of wastewater by utilizing hydraulic hot-gas-to-water heat recovery technology. Unlike current methods that reduce each of these emissions individually, the COMPLY 2000 eliminates virtually all of these emissions from flue gases concurrently, allowing customers to better control costs.

To achieve the unprecedented multi-pollutant removal levels, the COMPLY 2000 uses an ozone injection process for NOx conversion. A fogging spray is mixed with a hydrogen peroxide solution for SOx conversion that is condensed concurrently with other pollutants over coils to remove all combustion emissions from the exhaust gas stream. This process converts NOx and SOx to nitric and sulfuric acid in the wastewater stream collected at the bottom of the COMPLY 2000 unit. Simultaneously, unburned hydrocarbons and particulate matter are removed during the condensation phase along with carbonic acid resulting from dissolved CO2. This wastewater can then be treated and recycled.