For the Yankees, last week′s three game series against the Red Sox was as disastrous on the field as it was off.  The Yankees got pulverized all three games due to bad at-bats and bad pitching.

The first game in the Bronx, on Tuesday night, started with three runs for the Red Sox in the first inning. Also, unfortunately for the Yankees, Teixeira was hit in the leg by a pitch thrown by Lester. Teixeira left the game, and the Yankees were left without any offense: his early departure was likened to a bad omen that the worst was yet to come.  The Red Sox continued to pitch and hit better than the Yankees and mounted a 6-3 lead by the start of the sixth inning. Usually, this wouldn′t have been much cause for concern, but due to a bullpen that has been marred by injuries and an offence that was greatly weakened by Teixeira′s absence, things looked ultimately hopeless for the Yankees. The Red Sox went on to win 6-4, despite a valiant but futile attempt by the Yankees, who scored one final run in the 9th inning.

The second game, on Wednesday night, started very much like the first game with the Red Sox jumping ahead with a 3-0 lead in the first, thanks to a two run homer by Ortiz, who had also homered in Tuesday night′s game. Essentially, the Red Sox continued to out-bat and out-pitch the Yankees while Burnett struggled on the mound. The Yankees offense wasn′t able to compensate for his mistakes, and the Red Sox pulled out a win for the second straight night in a row, with a walloping 11-6 victory.

After being defeated for two consecutive games on their own field, the Yankees had an opportunity to pull out a much-needed win during game 3 of the series.  The news that Yankees bullpen pitcher, Joba Chamberlain, is sitting out for the rest of the season due to an upcoming Tommy John surgery on a torn elbow ligament was announced right before the start of the game. This news did little to settle fans nerves. Additionally, a three-hour rain delay stymied the start of the game. Once the game got underway the Yankees actually put two runs up in the first inning, thanks to a home run by Curtis Granderson. Unlike the first two games, the Yankees kept the game close, but when the Red Sox offense blew open a huge lead in the 7th, scoring 7 runs, the Yankees offense could not keep up. The Sox swept the Yanks 8-3 in what felt like a crushing blow to the chin.

The cherry on top of the Red Sox′s three game sweep was the fact that they have now won six straight games in the Bronx this season. They are clearly one of the best teams in baseball, both offensively and defensively as well having quality pitching. New York′s beloved Yankees have a lot of kinks to work out, and weak spots to fill, if they are going to stand up to power-house team like the Red Sox in the post-season.

D Silva /