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Here’s what the future of sex will look like…

Here we are in the 21st century—a highly developed, industrialized time with the most unique technological and social developments in known history. In the way of sex, there are already so many awesome things to be thankful for—sex toys, various forms of contraception, the vast availability of sex knowledge, Viagra, porn and the technologies and materials to produce such things. It already seems that when it comes to sex, we already have everything that we could ever dream of. What more can we have? Well, the future looks bright, and more options are currently opening up.

Sex Bots

There is a good chance that sex bots will be more numerous and available in the future. Four manufacturers, worldwide, produce life-like robotic dolls that people can have sex with. There are even brothels that exist that rent out robotic sex dolls. The price of robotic sex dolls ranges from $5,000 to $15,000.

Proponents say that sex robots will be therapeutically used in positive ways for those who are old, disabled and/or lonely. Do you want to avoid a human sticky relationship and get right to the clean, pregnancy-free, STD-free sex without having to deal with annoying human dynamics? Well, you’ll be able to do that in the future!

New, Discrete, Weird Looking Sex Toys

There is already a large variety of colorful, oddly shaped, futuristic, weird looking sex toys to choose from; especially when it comes to female oriented sex toys. A great example is the We-Vibe Sync—an object that could be described as looking like a video game controller or having a horizontally stretched out “C” shape. It is strategically designed to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot at the same time to maximize orgasms. It looks nothing like a man’s penis.

There are already many new women’s sex toys that are made to look like discrete, non-sexual objects. You can take these objects on the go, and if they fall out of your purse by accident, nobody will know that they are sex toys—unless they are well versed about the topic of sex toys. The Womanizer 2Go is made to look like a lipstick. The I Rub My Duckie is a vibrating, waterproof, yellow duckie that looks like a regular yellow rubber duckie.

These sex toys testify to the fact that in the future, there will be more sex toys out there strategically made to get the exact sensations that people need. Many of these sex toys will be weird looking. Also, more sex toys will be made to look like non-sexual items, so that it will be easier to take sex on the go.

Sex With Your Love From Afar

There is no doubt that there will be more advanced ways in the future to feel your lover’s embrace in a long distance relationship. Already, there are internet connected sex toys, also known as teledildonics. Teledildonics consist of “smart” male sex sleeves and female vibrators. These sex sleeves and vibrators interact with each other through desktop and mobile apps. These objects record the motions of sex between two people and send the sensations to them.

Currently, prototypes exist for connected pillows, virtual reality haptic body suits and long-distance kissing devices. These devices foreshadow a future where sex and foreplay will be possible over long distances. Lovers will be able to feel each other’s embrace despite being far away from each other.

Virtual Reality

With the advent of virtual reality technology, it is not surprising that one of our instinctual behaviors– porn watching, has found a new frontier. Virtual Reality is just one of the ways that the porn experience will evolve as people search for fresher and realer ways to experience sex

Virtual Reality will also be used as a sexual education tool more often in the future, as well. It is already used for this purpose in some places. For example, a YMCA in Montreal used Virtual Reality as a tool to teach people about consent.

Bodily Augmentation

As technology progresses, we will be able to generate sexual body parts. Already, penile and uterus transplants have been done. In 2016, the first penile transplant in the United States was performed on a man who lost his penis to cancer. Women in Sweden who were given uterus transplants were able to give birth to children, though their transplanted uteruses eventually had to be removed.

Tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting are the way of the future. Already, lab grown vaginas have been created and implanted into women suffering from vaginal aplasia. Penile erectile tissue has also been created and implanted on rabbits. These projects have been done by Wake Forrest Baptist Medical Center.