Top 5 Myths People Mistaken

Myth one:If you are loved by your parents then they will punish you the most.
If you were brought up with a mother like mine, you’ll perfectly relate to this. Before my mother could give me some beatings she would always ask questions that she already had answers to. So you dare not lie. If you lie, you would be given beatings that would make you question the entire circumstance that surrounded your birth. If you say the truth, well, you would still be given heavy beating. You also know that once she asks you the first question and you begin to give your narration, she would cut you short with absurd questions like, ‘shut up! Are trying to argue with me?’ You would also know that she would whip you and lecturing you at the same time. The worst of all was when she finally finishes giving you the beatings and then she barks at you like, ‘Are you crying? Have I beaten you yet?! Shut that mouth up!!’
Ok! Are you really loved?

Having kids is fun.
Sometimes when I hear people say that having kids is so fun. I cringe inside and mumble within myself, ‘You are so quick to forget’. I instantly recall how kids sometimes act like pregnant women with bizarre cravings. I remember how kids can sometimes wake you up during the intimate morning hours when sleep is the most delicious. When the temperature inside and outside the blanket are working perfectly well to bring some divine warmth. And there your son/daughter wakes up with a loud scream. So you wake up and attend to him/her only for her to make demands like, ‘Maaaam, I am thirsty and hungry too. I want to eat the gizzard of that vulture I saw on cartoon Network’. Dear parents how can you be quick to forget all that and proclaim that having kids is fun, that’s a myth.

It’s easier and efficient to shop online.
This is a total myth. If you are the kind of person that has the kind of unique taste that I poses then you’ll totally agree with me on this one. It almost makes me believe that most online shops are operated by ‘thieves’. For example buying a cloth online. A shop will upload photos of a global icon or celebrity. They will then promise you that they are selling the same dress that Katy Perry or Rihanna is dressed up in those photos. So you make an order for your girlfriend thinking she will look great in that new dress. So you pay for the dress and give very precise address where your girlfriend resides. You want it to be a surprise because apparently it is her birthday. And you can almost imagine your girlfriend putting on that Kim Kardashian look because the dress looks great. You give her a call and let her know that she will be receiving a surprise gift on that day.
The package arrives and your girlfriend makes some incensed calls demanding an explanation as to whom you think she is because apparently she looks like a sack of potato in that new dress. So guys shopping online is not as cool as you make it look.

Being wealthy is fun.
Having is not fun! I can almost hear your inner self opposing me. But I have the guts to repeat that again, having wealth is not fun. Wait until it reaches a point where you cannot eat it in public places. Where you cannot travel in one car for the whole journey. This is the point where you spend sleepless nights making more money because of the insatiable nature of money. Basically when you have money you will end up spending majority of your time protecting yourself so that you can continue enjoying the wealth and protecting your wealth so that it can forever stay with you. At the end of it all, do you see anything fun there?

Human use only 10% of their brain.
Human being do not use just 10% of their brain. Some complicated things requires us to use more than 10% of our brain. But how can you tell if you have been using 10% of your brain. The answer is as simple as, if you have always believed the myths mentioned above, then most definitely you have been using 10% of your brain. I totally understand that that is way below the belt.

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